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Arts and Refugees: Multidisciplinary Perspectives (Vol. 2)
Martiniello, Marco ; Mescoli, Elsa
2024In Arts
Article (Scientific journals)
Diversity in Spanish Politics? Dynamics of Descriptive Representation of Immigrant‐Origin Minorities in Local Elections
Vintila, Cristina-Daniela ; Pérez-Nievas, Santiago; Paradés, Marta et al.
2024In Politics and Governance, 12
Article (Scientific journals)
Rethinking Migration Studies for 2050
Triandafyllidou, Anna; Bivand Erdal, Marta; Marchetti, Sabrina et al.
2024In Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies, 22 (1), p. 1-21
Article (Scientific journals)
How framing impacts attitudes about electoral rights for non-resident citizens
Himmelroos, Staffan; Lafleur, Jean-Michel ; Lesinska, Magdalena et al.
2024In International Migration
Article (Scientific journals)
L’Europa di fronte alle migrazioni internazionali
Bousetta, Hassan
2023In Italianieuropei, 4 (2023), p. 11-22
Article (Scientific journals)
En Espagne, des syndicats populaires face aux violences mortifères
De Heusch, Félicien
2023In Plein Droit : la revue du GISTI, n° 137 (2), p. 15-18
Article (Scientific journals)
Electoral (non)alignment between resident and non-resident voters: evidence from Spain
Vintila, Cristina-Daniela ; Pamies, Carles; Paradés, Marta
2023In European Political Science
Article (Scientific journals)
International Student Experiences in Three Superdiverse Higher Education Institutions: Institutional Policies and Intersectionalities
Aksay Aksezer, Esin; Demiryontar; Mescoli, Elsa
2023In Social Sciences
Article (Scientific journals)
“Ethics Ready”? Governing Research Through Informed Consent Procedures
Caeymaex, Florence ; Wenger, Carole; De Heusch, Félicien et al.
2023In International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 22, p. 160940692311657
Article (Scientific journals)
Welfare brokers and European Union migrants' access to social protection
Voivozeanu, Maria-Alexandra ; Lafleur, Jean-Michel
2023In British Journal of Sociology
Article (Scientific journals)
Food hospitality and the negotiation of subjectivities through meals in the context of migration: case studies from Belgium
Clarebout, Alice ; Mescoli, Elsa
2023In Food, Culture and Society
Article (Scientific journals)
Negotiating Moral Authority for Body Repatriation: The Case of Senegalese Migration
De Heusch, Félicien ; Lacroix, Thomas
2023In Interventions: the International Journal of Postcolonial Studies, p. 1-21
Article (Scientific journals)
Book Review: Alice, Elliot. 2021. The Outside: Migration as Life in Morocco. Indiana University Press: Indiana. pp. 204
Mescoli, Elsa
2022In International Migration, 60 (6), p. 283-285
Article (Scientific journals)
États et diasporas face à la mort en migration : une analyse comparée des cas sénégalais et tunisien avant et pendant la pandémie de la COVID-19
De Heusch, Félicien ; Wenger, Carole-Anne ; Lafleur, Jean-Michel
2022In Revue Européenne des Migrations Internationales, 38 (1-2), p. 37-62
Article (Scientific journals)
Emigration and the Transnationalization of Sending States’ Welfare Regimes
Lafleur, Jean-Michel ; Yener-roderburg, Inci Öykü
2022In Social Inclusion, 10 (1), p. 174 - 183
Article (Scientific journals)
Researching arts, culture, migration and change: a multi (trans)disciplinary challenge for international migration studies.
Martiniello, Marco
2022In Comparative Migration Studies, 10 (1), p. 7
Article (Scientific journals)
Descriptive Political Representation of Latin Americans in Spanish Local Politics: Demographic Concentration, Political Opportunities, and Parties’ Inclusiveness
Pamies, Carles; Pérez-Nievas, Santiago; Vintila, Cristina-Daniela et al.
2021In American Behavioral Scientist, 65 (9), p. 1234 - 1250
Article (Scientific journals)
Solidarity with vulnerable migrants during and beyond the state of crisis
Mazzola, Alessandro ; De Backer, Mattias
2021In Culture, Practice & Europeanization, 6 (1), p. 55-69
Article (Scientific journals)
Précarité, plateformes et agentivité : la multiplication des formes du travail en Chine
Chan, Chris King-chi; Florence, Eric ; Qiu, Jack Linchuan
2021In Perspectives Chinoises, 1 (2021)
Article (Scientific journals)
Editorial – Precarity, Platforms, and Agency: The Multiplication of Chinese Labour
Florence, Eric ; Chan, Chris King-chi; Qiu, Jack Linchuan
2021In China Perspectives, 2021 (01), p. 3-7
Article (Scientific journals)
Migrant worker museums in China: public cultures of migrant labour in state and grassroots initiatives
Qian, Junxi; Florence, Eric
2021In Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
Article (Scientific journals)
Liminal spaces of migrant reception in times of crisis
De Backer, Mattias ; Mazzola, Alessandro
2021In Social Cartographies, 10-11 (V/VI), p. 143-156
Article (Scientific journals)
The ambivalent relations behind civil society’s engagement in the “grey zones” of migration and integration governance: Case studies from Belgium
Mescoli, Elsa ; Roblain, Antoine
2021In Political Geography, 91
Article (Scientific journals)
Covid-19 and the live music sector. Coping Strategies and Forgotten Professions.
Mazzola, Alessandro ; Martiniello, Marco
2021In Social Cartographies, 10-11 (V/VI), p. 165-178
Article (Scientific journals)
Introduction: Cultural and Artistic Participation of Migrants: A Pathway Towards Sociopolitical Integration
Barsky, Robert; Martiniello, Marco
2021In AmeriQuest, 16 (1)
Article (Scientific journals)
Empowerment Through the Arts: Rap Music and Clothing Design by Street Vendor Activists in Barcelona
De Heusch, Félicien
2021In AmeriQuests
Article (Scientific journals)
L'art de parler des migrations
Martiniello, Marco
2021In L'Observatoire, 57, p. 87-88
Article (Scientific journals)
Policy Measures for the Diaspora during the COVID-19 Crisis: The Case of Cyprus
Konstantinidou, Angeliki ; Vintila, Cristina-Daniela
2020In HAPSc Policy Briefs Series, 1 (1), p. 13-23
Article (Scientific journals)
Aspirations and Hope Distribution in the Emigration of Maghrebi Europeans in Montreal
Mandin, Jérémy
2020In Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies, 18 (3), p. 300-312
Article (Scientific journals)
Leaving Europe: New Crises, Entrenched Inequalities and Alternative Routes of Social Mobility
Arnaut, Karel; Lafleur, Jean-Michel ; Fadil, Nadia et al.
2020In Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies, 18 (3), p. 261-269
Article (Scientific journals)
Les initiatives citoyennes de soutien aux migrants en Belgique : de l’humanitaire à la contestation politique.
Mescoli, Elsa ; Roblain, Antoine; Griffioen, Pieter
2020In Anthropologie et Développement
Article (Scientific journals)
Racisme et antiracisme en Belgique
Fadil, Nadia; Martiniello, Marco
2020In Fédéralisme - Régionalisme, 20 (20), p. 13
Article (Scientific journals)
Music for Social Impact: An overview of context, policy and activity in four countries, Belgium, Colombia, Finland, and the UK
Sloboda, John; Baker, Geoffrey; De bisschop, An et al.
2020In Finnish Journal of Music Education (The), 23 (1 & 2), p. 116-143
Article (Scientific journals)
Refugees for Refugees: Musicians between Confinement and Perspectives
Sechehaye, Hélène; Martiniello, Marco
2019In Arts, 8 (1)
Article (Scientific journals)
Cultural, ethnic and political dimensions of Mediterraneaness in Neapolitan contemporary music. From a discursive transformation in sounds and lyrics to mobilization against Salvini's Lega.
Mazzola, Alessandro
2019In Ethnic and Racial Studies, 42 (6)
Article (Scientific journals)
Why do parties support emigrant voting rights?
Østergaard-Nielsen, Eva; Ciornei, Irina; Lafleur, Jean-Michel
2019In European Political Science Review, 11 (3), p. 377-394
Article (Scientific journals)
Harnessing visibility and invisibility through arts practices: Ethnographic case studies with migrant performers in Belgium
Damery, Shannon ; Mescoli, Elsa
2019In Arts
Article (Scientific journals)
Music and the political expression and mobilization of second and third-generation immigrants in urban Europe: insights from Liège (Belgium)
Martiniello, Marco
2019In Ethnic and Racial Studies, 42 (6), p. 994-1012
Article (Scientific journals)
Where and why can expatriates vote in regional elections? A comparative analysis of regional electoral practices in Europe and North America
Arrighi, Jean-Thomas; Lafleur, Jean-Michel
2019In Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
Article (Scientific journals)
Hirak, l’âme du Rif marocain
Bousetta, Hassan
2018In Politique, revue belge d'analyse et de débat, 106
Article (Scientific journals)
Vingt ans après la rétrocession. Des transformations économiques et politiques de Hong Kong et de son avenir sous le régime chinois
Florence, Eric ; Cabestan, Jean-Pierre
2018In Perspectives Chinoises, 144 (2018/3), p. 3-9
Article (Scientific journals)
Twenty Years After the Handover Hong Kong’s Political and Social Transformation and Its Future under China’s Rule
Florence, Eric ; Cabestan, Hong Kong Baptist University
2018In China Perspectives, 114 (2018/3), p. 3-9
Article (Scientific journals)
Racismes Contemporains. Les promesses de la jeunesse et un retour des mouvements civiques pour gagner le combat
Martiniello, Marco
Article (Scientific journals)
Migration de retour, genre et remises sociales : le retour des migrantes boliviennes d’Espagne durant la crise économique
Lafleur, Jean-Michel ; Duchesne, Justine
2018In Revue Européenne des Migrations Internationales, 33 (2-3), p. 183-201
Article (Scientific journals)
Rural Migrant Workers in Independent Films: Representations of Everyday Agency
Florence, Eric
2018In Made in China (a quarterly journal on labour, civil society, and rights), 3 (Winter)
Article (Scientific journals)
Creating Undocumented EU Migrants through Welfare: A Conceptualization of Undeserving and Precarious Citizenship
Lafleur, Jean-Michel ; Mescoli, Elsa
2018In Sociology, 52 (3), p. 480-496
Article (Scientific journals)
La representación política de las personas de origen inmigrante en España e Italia
Vintila, Cristina-Daniela ; Morales, Laura
2018In Papers: Revista de Sociologia
Article (Scientific journals)
Local communities of artistic practices and the slow emergence of a “post-racial” generation
Martiniello, Marco
2018In Ethnic and Racial Studies
Article (Scientific journals)
Combining transnational and intersectional approaches to immigrants' social protection: The case of Andean families' access to health
Lafleur, Jean-Michel ; Vivas Romero, María
2018In Comparative Migration Studies, 6 (14)
Article (Scientific journals)
In Belgio
Mazzola, Alessandro ; Mescoli, Elsa ; Martiniello, Marco
2018In Mulino (Il) : Rivista Mensile di Attualità e Cultura, 6 (18), p. 165-169