CEDEM Brown Bag Seminars


11 May 2021

Alexandra Voivozeanu (CEDEM-ULiege) will be presenting her work on “Welfare brokers and EU Free Movers’ Access to Social Citizenship” during a CEDEM Brown Bag Seminar.

The BB will take place on Tuesday the 11th of May between 12:00 and 13:00. The presentation will be in English. The session will be held online via Lifesize.

Link: https://call.lifesizecloud.com/6072500

Passcode: 1234

Video address: 6072500@lifesizecloud.com

Extension: 6072500



In accessing cross-border social rights, EU movers encounter barriers related to language, lack of knowledge of their entitlements and, at times, discriminatory practices at the administrative level. Against this background, the presentation explores the emergence of welfare brokers in the context of intra-EU migration – that is, non-profit, public sector and market actors that help migrants overcome barriers in accessing formal social protection.

Drawing on semi-structured interviews with Romanian migrants in Germany, as well as with representatives of companies, civil society organizations and other types of intermediaries, this research addresses the following questions: How do welfare brokers shape the interaction between migrants and welfare states? What categories of brokers step in between migrants and social protection systems? How do migrants engage with welfare brokers?

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