Interreg project TREE: Final dissemination event


27 avril 2021

Dear Sir or Madame,

We invite you to join the Final dissemination event of the Interreg Project: TREE – Training for Integrating Refugees in the Euregio, to be held online on the 27 of April from 14:00 to 17:15.

We will present you the results of our Interreg project TREE. The goal of TREE-Training for integrating Refugees in the Euregio is to create a Euregional standard in refugee integration, as well as uniform measures of cultural integration of immigrants, in order to strengthen the collective identity in the region Euregio Rhine-Maas.

What awaits you on that day: we will present the results of the project, you will hear testimonials of trainers and participants of our training program that was held from January 2020 until March 2021 in three regions of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. This training program was attended by more than 50 professionals who work with refugees in different contexts. Besides we will present you testimonials of our training for social interpreters which we held in the Walloon and Eifel region.

The detailed schedule and the modalities of registration are available here. It would be great if you could join our event. We are looking forward to welcome you on that day and share our insights with you.

For further information about our project TREE please visit our website:


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