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Elisa Brey is part-time professor at Complutense University of Madrid, where she teaches sociology and public opinion. In 2016, she obtained her Ph.D in political and social sciences at Liège University and Complutense University of Madrid, through a cotutorship. Previously she worked with Oxford University, EHESS Paris, HEC Liège, the Council of Europe and the European University Institute. She was a visiting researcher at Warwick University (2007), Alberto Hurtado University, Chile (2012) and the Autonomous University of Mexico State (2018).

Scientific associate at CEDEM, she is also a member of the Group of Studies on International Migration (GEMI) and the Sociological Association of Madrid (AMS), in Spain. Her research interests focus on the most vulnerable populations in Spain, and in particular migrants, regarding regularization, housing, and work. She is also interested in the processes of discrimination of which they are victims, as well as the social integration policies towards them. Recently, she published several works on children and adolescents with a migrant background in Spain.


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