InFrame 1602082212020Anastasia Bermudez is ‘Ramón y Cajal’ Senior Researcher at University of Seville’s anthropology department and Scientific Associate at University of Liège’s Centre for Ethnic and Migration Studies (CEDEM). Previously, she was Marie-Curie COFUND Fellow at CEDEM, researcher at IESA-CSIC (Spain’s Institute for Advanced Social Studies) and Visiting Research Fellow at School of Geography, Queen Mary College (University of London). Dr. Bermudez has a PhD and MSc in Geography, MA in Latin American studies and BA in Geography and Politics (University of London). Her research focuses on Latin American migration to Europe and intra-EU mobilities, particularly local-transnational migrant politics, migrant integration and gender. She has co-edited two special issues: ‘New trends in intra-European Union mobilities: beyond socioeconomic and political factors’ (Ethnic and Racial Studies, 2020) and ‘Voto externo’ (América Latina Hoy, 2017), and a book (Migración y Participación Política. Estados, Organizaciones y Migrantes Latinoamericanos en Perspectiva Local-Transnacional, 2009); authored a monograph (International Migration, Transnational Politics and Conflict. The Gendered Experiences of Colombian Migrants in Europe, Palgrave Macmillan, 2016); and published many articles and book chapters. Anastasia coordinated the IMISCOE Research Cluster on migration between Europe and Latin America, and in 2020 became co-chair of LASA’s International Migration section.


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