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Coline Rondeau holds a MA degree in History of Social Regulations (2016) and a BA degree in History (2014) from the University of Angers (France). Since 2016, she’s a PhD student in contemporary history at the University of Angers (TEMOS UMR 9016 CNRS) and a co-supervisor in political and social sciences at the University of Liège (CEDEM) with the thesis : “Kurdish refugees from Turkey in Western France and Belgium (1980-2003)”. Her research focuses on several dimensions of the migration of Kurds from Turkey in two European countries (quantitative and qualitative approaches). Her interests lie especially migratory routes (networks, circulation and settlement), asylum application (asylum seekers, refugees, rejected asylum seekers) and naturalization procedures, invisibility/visibility issues and Kurdish identity(ies) (self-narrative, identify and define oneself) and mobilizations (associations, demonstrations, hunger strikes).


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Coline Rondeau


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Université de Liège, Faculty of Social Sciences, CEDEM

Campus du Sart Timan – Quartier AGORA

Place des Orateurs, 3, Building 31, box 24, office 50

B-4000 Liège (Belgium)


CV Rondeau

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