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Shannon Damery is a PhD candidate and researcher in the CEDEM since 2013. She is currently conducting research in the Horizion 2020 Project CHILD UP (Children Hybrid Integration: Learning Dialogue as a way of Upgrading Policies of Participation). The aim of the project is to better understand how to support migrant children in their integration in education systems. Her doctorate is part of the INTEGRIM ITN in which she is a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher in the framework of the 7FP Training Network “Integration and international migration: pathways and integration policies.” Her research focuses on how young migrants’ official migratory status impacts their daily lives. She has experience in social work and earned her M.A. in Anthropology at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. This degree was part of the European partnership program: CREOLE: Cultural Differences and Transnational Processes. She studied at the University of Vienna and conducted research at two sites: a refugee integration facility and the Vienna Youth and Family Offices. Her research focused on the agency of young people in sheltered housing. Her research interests include refugee issues, forced migration, home and homemaking, youth and childhood studies, arts and integration, and activism and political participation.


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Shannon Damery


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Université de Liège, Faculty of Social Sciences, CEDEM

Campus du Sart Timan – Quartier AGORA

Place des Orateurs, 3, Building 31, box 24, 3,54

B-4000 Liège (Belgium)


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