InFrame 1594133449554Dr. Elsa MESCOLI is affiliated to the CEDEM since 2011. She is currently post-doctoral researcher and assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Social Sciences, where she teaches courses related to migration and intercultural issues. She holds a PhD Degree in Political and Social Sciences from the University of Liege (in co-tutorship with the University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy) with a thesis on the culinary practices of Moroccan women living in Milan (Italy). She conducted extensive ethnographic research in the domain of migration studies both in Europe and outside, with a particular focus on migrants’ cultural practices. She holds a MA in Anthropology and a BA in Intercultural communication from the University of Milan-Bicocca (Italy). Her research interests include: food and migration, artistic practices of migrants, gender issues, discrimination of Muslims, public opinion and citizens’ initiatives on refugees and asylum seekers, socio-cultural practices of undocumented migrants, policies and practices of integration of newcomers.

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Elsa Mescoli


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Université de Liège, Faculty of Social Sciences, CEDEM

Campus du Sart Timan – Quartier AGORA

Place des Orateurs, 3, Building 31, box 24, office 0.32

B-4000 Liège (Belgium)


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