Boursière de doctorat


Institut de recherche en Sciences Sociales (IRSS)
IRSS: Centre d'Etudes de l'Ethnicité et des Migrations

ULiège address
Bât. B31 Service administratif de la Faculté (Sciences sociales)
Quartier Agora
place des Orateurs 3
4000 Liège
B31 - 0.50
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University degrees
2020: Master en Anthropologie (Université de Liège)
2018: Bachelier en sociologie-anthropologie (Université Libre de Bruxelles)


Alice Clarebout is a PhD student in Political and Social Sciences at CEDEM, IRSS, ULiège. After completing a Master's degree in Anthropology at ULiège in 2020, with a dissertation entitled "An ethnography of citizen hosting in Belgium: a step in the migration journey and a particular practice of hospitality", she started her PhD thesis in October 2020. Under the supervision of Marco Martiniello, her doctoral research focuses on the daily practices of newly arrived migrants with varied socio-economic profiles, origins and migration status, in the urban context, in Liege, Belgium. Funded as part of the FRS-FNRS research project "UNIC" (Unexpected Inclusions: Migration, Mobility and the Open City), a collaboration between the University of Geneva and the University of Liege, her monograph will be one of the contributions to the UNIC project. The project also involves The project also involves other parts of investigations on migrant aid associations, on associations of migrants or people of immigrant background and on the inclusive/exclusive potential of urban festivities, on which Alice works actively.

Her research interests include the following themes: international migration, hospitality policies and practices, integration policies and practices, cultural and artistic practices of migrants.

Research field

  • Anthropologie culturelle et sociale
  • Ethnographie