The University of Liège is hosting the EUMIGS Winter Workshop 2024 from March 4 to 6, 2024. EuMIGS is the largest network of institutes specializing in migration studies in Europe. The network comprises 13 partner institutes based in 10 European countries, 7 of which - including the University of Liège and its Master in Sociology specializing in Migration and Ethnic Studies - participate in a double diploma program.

The Winter Workshop is an opportunity for Master's students enrolled in the double diploma program to get together and work on a project. This year's theme is knowledge transfer within and outside the University.

A program rich in meetings and exchanges has been put together by the Liège team: Marco Martiniello, Jérémy Mandin, Elsa Mescoli.


Are you 

  • a member of the Eumigs network? Welcome to Liège! All information on the Winter Workshop will be sent to you by e-mail.
  • interested in migration? Join our conferences!
  • a student in block 3 of your bachelor's degree? Considering a Master's degree in Migration Studies? Find out what former Master's students have to say, and take part in the presentation of students' work on 6/3 (see agenda > round table).


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Events calendar

March 6 at 10am | Round table

Attention : venue = Place du 20 Août, 7-4000 Liège

Info and registration

March 6 at 4pm | Lecture by Anna Bredström

The standardization of race in clinical trials in Sweden: a post-racial paradox

Open to all

+ More info

march 7 at 11am | Lecture by Anna Bredström

Biometrics and migration management: intersectional perspectives on contemporary truth technologies

Open to members of the Faculty of Social Sciences

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Elsa Mescoli

Join the Master in Migration Studies!


+ More information about the Master of Sociology in Migration and Ethnic Studies

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