Academic position

Offre d'emploi à la Faculté


A full-time academic position(M/F/X) is available on the Faculty in the area of New Issues in the Sociology of Work . The position includes teaching, research and community service activities.

The position is expected to start on 1/9/2024. Applications are due by 31/1/2024.

One of the current challenges is to strengthen the presence and involvement of the Faculty of Social Sciences in HRM and Labor Sciences training. This would not only guarantee but also reinforce the specific pedagogical ambition of the FaSS, which translates into anempirically grounded, critical and reflexive approach to work practices and their regulation (political, legal, economic, social, etc.) .

Sensitive to societal issues, it is important for the training to be rooted in the social sciences (sociology, anthropology, etc.), while ensuring that the analysis of work situations is linked to environmental, digital and international issues, as well as to gender issues and inequalities in labor relations.

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