The standardization of race in clinical trials in Sweden: a post-racial paradox


Wednesday 6 March
Campus du Sart Tilman - Faculté de Sciences Sociales - Salle du Conseil
Place des Orateurs
4000 Liège
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From 4 to 6 pm

Professor Anna Bredström, from Linköping University, will give a lecture as part of Marco Martiniello's course : Sociology of racism and anti-racism. This conference, given in English, is open to all.

Anna Bredström is a Senior associate professor at the Institute for Research on Migration, Ethnicity and Society (REMESO) and a member of the Center for Medical Humanities and Bioethics at Linköping University, Sweden. Her research explores how race, ethnicity and migration affect health, care and biomedical knowledge production and her current research projects focuses the usage and translations of ethnic and racial categories in biomedical research and health care; biopolitical implications of using biometrics in migration management across the EU; and the diagnosis of post-covid explored from an intersectional perspective. Her research is funded by the Swedish research council (2019-02143; 2019-03310; 2021-01245). She is involved in teaching at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels.


This talk will address the paradox of the use of racial categories in a socio-political context where the concept of race is being publicly denied. The talk will first contextualise the use of racial categories in clinical trials as part of a wider trend in which race has re-emerged as an important category in biomedicine due to current developments in human genetics and precision medicine. It will also relate this development to ongoing debates about health equity and inclusion in medicine. Secondly, the lecture will address the dominance of US policy and practice and highlight the problems and consequences of translating standardised categories into a radically different local context. Drawing on recent interviews with experts in clinical drug testing in Sweden, the presentation will explore their ambivalence towards the concept of race as a medically relevant category.

Another lecture (open to FaSS members) by Anna Bredström (March 7): Biometrics and migration management: intersectional perspectives on contemporary truth technologies 


Elsa Mescoli

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This event is part of the (Restricted access link) , taking place in Liège from March 4 to 6.

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